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Carol Mills MIACP
086 6093493
Clinic at:
Core Counselling & Therapy
Unit 3 Strand House
South Strand
Co Dublin
"What's the difference between counselling and talking to a friend?"
While it can be of great benefit to speak to a friend, or close family member, one of the advantages of counselling is that you can speak freely and express your feelings and concerns without needing to consider the other person's feelings or their often well intended but unasked for advice. Counselling really is 'all about you'!  
"I must be weak that I can't sort my life myself"
If we have a physical problem we do not expect to always know what to do about it and it is acceptable to go to a professional. However, when we have a mental or emotional issue, we may feel that we are weak as we don't seem able to deal with it ourselves. Life has become more difficult and stressful for many people and thankfully mental health issues including anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation and feelings of panic are now being acknowledged and spoken about more openly and it is becoming more acceptable to seek help with these issues. 
"Could counselling really help me? Do I really need it?"
Counselling can be very helpful for a variety of issues - you have nothing to lose by calling me to talk over any queries you may have with regard to the right next step to take or to arrange an appointment.  
"How many sessions will it take?"
That depends on the issues that are presented and the individual client. It is easier to ascertain after an initial consultation and varies from client to client. There is no obligation to commit to a particular number of sessions, you may stop at any time. 
"How often will I need to attend?"
Whilst it is useful to attend weekly, especially initially, sometimes less frequent appointments are appropriate.  
"How long does a counselling session last?"
Approximately 50 minutes
"How much will it cost?"
65 per session for individuals/70 for couples. I have some availability at a reduced rate, these places are limited but a waiting list is available.
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